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Auf dieser Seite veröffentlichen wir Informationen über den Status unseres Netzwerkes.

Status Info

Current Outages

Duration:15.08.16 12:00 -
Severity (1-5): 1
Status:In Progress

We are currently experience reccuring IPv6 routing issues in our network. Some customers can't reach certain IP addresses or the internet at whole.

Investigation is in progress.

Update 18.08.2016 16:15 CEST

We are tracking this issue in #10250.

Update 22.08.2016 16:15 CEST

The Maintenance in #10250 didn't resolve the Routing Issue.

Investigation is still in progress.There is no ETR yet.

Update 25.08.2016 11:00 CEST

We are in contact with our vendor, unfortunately still no ETR.

Update 31.08.2016 17:30 CEST

We have a workaround in place and hope this stabilizes the situation for IPv6 connectivity. Debugging with our vendor is still ongoing.

Update 25.10.2016 15:20 CEST

The case has been escalated at our supplier, both administratively and on a technical level. It is beeing processed by their 3rd level protocol team.

Update 16.12.2016

The router replace according to ticket #10611 did not solve the problem. Further technical support from our supplier is needed.

Upcoming Maintenance

Duration:25.01.17 22:00 - 26.01.17 06:00
Severity (1-5): 1

Our supplier is conducting maintenance work on our link from Munich, SpaceNet to Amsterdam, Nikhef and to London, Telehouse East. Because of our redundant network design, we do not expect any loss of service. Traffic is routed via alternate paths.